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What is going on in KC? By Charles Sollars

The season is fast approaching and there seems to be nothing but questions coming out of Kansas City. We now have no clue who our opening day QB will be after the knee injury to, the newly acquired, Matt Cassel. On top of the questions at QB there is now a question of what will the offence look like now that it is under the control of Haley not Gailey.

The question that is on my mind is why do you fire the Offensive coordinator one game before the regular season? I understand that the offense was not playing well but is that a reflection of the coordinator or of the personnel? I personally was not a fan of Gailey being hired but I am also not for sure if I like the idea of Haley trying to be coach and Offensive coordinator in his first year. Secondly I don’t know if it will matter who the coach is running the offense if we can not stop the rush. The offensive is going to struggle this year for the simple fact that we have ignored our offensive line. We have a patch work of older players and cast offs from other teams trying to protect our $64 million dollar, unproven, Quarterback and as long as that is case we might as well indefinitely place Cassel on the DL because he is going to get hit hard and often behind these guys.

Offensive scheme is not at the top of my list of major concerns. I think that Haley will quickly realize that this is not the Cardinals. We don’t have a plethora of talented WRs that are being thrown to by a future hall of fame guy. We have one WR with talent/attitude problem (see Bowe) and a bunch of other guys that were walking the streets a week ago.
This team has major issues that have been overlooked for too long. If there is going to be any hope for this season we have to get the quarterback protection and if we can’t do that we need to make sure we have a list of Qbs that is a mile long on speed dial.

The biggest question is will Haley be the correct person to run this offense? The answer to this question is yes but just not this season. I think that no one is a good fit for this offense because they are lacking true talent at so many positions. I also feel that if Haley thought this was the a good idea now he should have realized it two months ago but in the end I think Haley will be able to remake this offense into something that we will all enjoy watching for years to come.

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