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Johnson: So long, fair well...

There comes a time in every professional’s life where he or she must say goodbye to one job and move on to another. The problem Larry Johnson might face is the moving on to another part.

Since 2005, Johnson hasn’t had a successful season; perhaps because of losing three offensive linemen or maybe it was the loss of Tony Richardson. Or maybe it’s because Johnson received a massive paycheck, and decided he just wasn’t going to exert as much effort. Larry Johnson, however, was not released from the Kansas City Chiefs because of poor performance on the field but due to his behavior off the field. He isn’t a professional.

There. I said it.

I am sick and tired of professional athletes not acting like professionals. I am a teacher and a writer, and if I called my principal or my editor a “fag” I would be reprimanded severely, possibly even terminated. But Johnson raised holy hell over being suspended and the money he would lose, and the administration for the Chiefs gave in, cutting both his fine and game suspension in half. What was he doing to earn $330,000 a game? Prancing around in the backfield and falling down after two yards? The point is he claimed it was never his fault. He didn’t get the ball enough. The line wasn’t blocking enough. After every game we would lose, he would blame it on the play calling or the coaching or the offensive line. He could never accept that HE was to blame as well. Because he is not a professional. In any other career, his actions on and off the field would not be acceptable. A salesman who doesn’t sell anything, and complains about what he is selling everyday. A police officer that doesn’t make arrests, but complains about the crime everyday. A teacher who doesn’t teach anything, but complains about the kids being stupid. You get the idea, only in professional sports this been allowed to continue on.

Spitting drinks into girls faces while getting hammered at Kansas City night clubs is not being a professional. Calling the head coach of your team a derogatory term is not being a professional. There is no room for Larry Johnson’s poor performance and poor attitude. Kansas City residents don’t want him, they have had enough. Websites have been started to get him out. The Chiefs released Johnson when he was a mere 80 yards away from breaking the all time rushing record for them, and I agree with their decision to do so.

Larry Johnson, I wish you the best of luck. I just hope that wherever you end up you have a great offensive line, a pro bowl fullback, and an excellent set of coaches. Just remember to keep your drink in your mouth and your gay slurs to yourself.

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