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Chiefs Need To Draft Receiver

by Eric Tellez for NFLMIX.COM

There are 3-things consistent in the life of a Kansas City fan; death, taxes, and trying to win with only one good wide receiver. Don't ask me why, but since I started following football in the 1980's the Chiefs have always gone into battle with a big time back carrying the load, a solid receiver on one side and a collection of spare parts on the other.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to insult the talents of guys like Eddie Kennison, Robb Thomas, JJ Birden, Lake Dawson and the others. But it's hard to imagine a defensive coordinator staying-up late worrying about having to cover both Dwayne Bowe AND Dexter McCluster.

I'll be the first to admit that the AFC West is not without its faults but if there's one thing this division can do is cover your best receiver. Denver still has Champ Bailey, Oakland has Nnamdi Asomugha, and San Diego can roll the dice with either Antoine Cason or Quentin Jammer. Put any of them on Bowe and what you end-up with are a lot of 8-man fronts salivating to get at Jamaal Charles.

But that's nothing new for Kansas City. Just off the top of my head I can remember Christian Okoye, Barry Word, Marcus Allen, Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson all faced with the same destiny that awaits Jamaal Charles; too many carries and not enough help. As for Dwayne Bowe? Do the names Carlos Carson and Stephone Paige ring a bell? Has anyone in the organization noticed that the 2nd leading receiver on last year's playoff team had only 22 receptions?

In order to have a chance the Chiefs need to get help at wide receiver. I can't think of any team, with the exception of the 2000 Baltimore Ravens, that was able to win any big games with less than three offensive threats. And yes, while I do realize that Tony Gonzales was perhaps the greatest tight-end in this, or any other, era I have a hard time considering him to be in that ultimate difference maker category. Why? Because if you look at today's greatest tight-ends; Tony Gonzales, Antonio Gates, and perhaps Jason Witten you see a lot of similarities. A lot of catches, a lot of yards, a lot touchdowns, and very few playoffs wins.

What about tight-ends with multiple Super Bowl rings? Brent Jones had Jerry Rice & John Taylor, Jay Novacek had Michael Irvin and Alvin Harper, Shannon Sharpe had Rod Smith and Ed McCaffrey, and Heath Miller has taken the field with Hines Ward and a cast of thousands. If Dallas Clark and Indy get that 2nd ring he'll be surrounded by a handful of quality receivers also.

The Kansas City Chiefs need to get help at wide receiver in the 2011 draft. Matt Cassel needs another target, Dwayne Bowe needs someone to take the pressure off, and Jamaal Charles needs to occasionally catch his breathe. Otherwise, we're just passing on success.

email me at footballfreepress@yahoo.com anytime you want to talk football! Et

28 February 2011

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