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Chiefs Division Crown A Fluke

by Eric Tellez for NFLMIX.COM

It would be easy to assume that Scott Pioli brought some New England magic to Kansas City when he took over the front office and the Chiefs went from 4-12 in 2009 to the 10-6 with a divisional title in 2010. Those of us less likely to believe in "magic" could just point to head coach Todd Haley, coordinators Charlie Weiss and Romeo Crennel, and quarterback Matt Cassel as evidence that "Patriots West" had finally settled in at Arrowhead. But when you look closer at the details last season's triumphant return to the top of the AFC West may not be a sign of things to come but a 1-year result of luck and chance.

In 2010, the Chiefs benefited from the NFL's easiest schedule that had them playing only 2-teams that qualified for the playoffs; the Indianapolis Colts and the Seattle Seahawks. It gets worse when you remember that they lost to the Colts and the Seahawks fell into the post season with the amazing record of 7-9 with five combined wins coming against the 49ers, Rams, and Cardinals whom all had terrible seasons. Look a little closer and you will notice that the Chiefs themselves also benefited from a weakened NFC WEST beating all four teams in that division.

Kansas City in their own division is a somber a picture when you consider that the Chiefs went 2-4 against the AFC West with a record of 1-2 at home. Three of those loses were pretty lopsided losing 31-0 against San Diego, 31-10 to Oakland, and 49-29 to Denver in the forever infamous "People Have Said A Lot of Things About You" game.

Looking at the big picture I do not believe the Chiefs to be as bad as they looked in their 1st round loss to Baltimore. But I also do not believe they are as good as people are being led to believe. At the end of the season, against Oakland and Baltimore, this team got beat-up and pushed around the field. For all the accomplishments that 2010 held the Chiefs were just flat out not physical enough for Baltimore.

The Chiefs need to draft offensive and defensive line help, need to create more turn overs, and most importantly, need to see last year as either a stepping stone to division dominance or a 1-year wonder.

Eric Tellez is a team reporter from Las Cruces, NM and has been a writer with NFLMIX.COM for 2-years. Feel free to email him at footballfreepress@yahoo.com to talk Chiefs or your favorite team.

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